Unisex sugaring hair removal and henna brows

What is Sugaring?

What is Sugaring?
Sugaring paste contains just sugar, lemon and water. No nasties!

Sugaring is a gentle treatment suitable for men and women who prefer a natural approach to hair removal, with less trauma to the skin than waxing it is ideal for even the most sensitive skin and can even be used over varicose veins!

Hair Length: 1.7 to 2.5 mm, 2mm is ideal.

Treatment AreasĀ Sugaring is suitable for all areas including facial, body and intimate hair removal.

Sugaring removes the whole hair shaft with minimal discomfit for longer lasting results.

Method– After the skin is cleansed and prepped the Sugaring paste is molded against the growth of the hair, where it melts to grasp the base of the shaft. The paste is then removed with a ‘flicking’ movement in the direction of growth, which minimizes hair breakage and discomfort.

Results will last up to 4 weeks after the initial treatment, with repeated appointments the hairs will become sparser. Meaning longer times between treatments- usually up to 6 weeks after 3-4 months of regular appointments.

Pricing is comparable with waxing, brow shaping is from $20 and legs $30-$55 please see our Pricing menu for a complete overview of services.


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